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Heroes of Lesser Earth

Heroes of Lesser Earth are the characters of an average pack of gamers traversing the world in search of adventure, wrongs to right, innocents to save… but mostly prodigious piles of cash. They stride the dangerous corridors of Lesser Earth like tiny, human-sized giants out of myth. Their cause is true, and their purpose is just, and for those times when it isn’t, well, we’ll just rack that up to stupidity. Lesser Earth is a lot like middle earth, except everything is cheaper and breaks more easily. It’s also slightly smaller, and it’s nearly impossible to find a competent engineer to help you build that evil skyscraper.

hole-1-running-with-broadswords1 – HOLE: Running with Broadswords by Kevin Pettway

The first book in the phenomenally successful (the author is very easy to please) Heroes of Lesser Earth series, details the drunken formation of a gaming group, the immediate attraction of several major campaign villains, wild adventures, and why you should always take the opportunity to sit on an ancient druid’s lap. Also, the print exclusives Martin’s Song — a 15 page comic extra, and the AD&D scenario, The Siege of Laketown, complete with color cardboard minis of the characters and bad guys needed.

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hole-2-glandaris-gold2 – HOLE: Glandiri’s Gold by Kevin Pettway

The second book in the tales of the smash hit Heroes of Lesser Earth, Glandiri’s Gold tracks the heroes capture by pirates, travels to Terror Isle, encounters with mythological menaces, dinosaurs, the living dead, and another foe too terrible to name… all on the quest for the dragon Glandiri’s Gold! Glandiri’s Gold begins with a special bonus, the popular half-orc Enkidu’s interview with Playorc magazine! You won’t want to miss out on this hysterical addition to the world of Lesser Earth! Pick up your book today!

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hole-3-I-can-see-my-house-from-here3 – HOLE: I Can See My House From Here by Kevin Pettway

I Can See My House From Here is the third book in the wildly successful adventures of the Heroes of Lesser Earth. Trek along with our brave troupe as they battle witches, the mafia, the church, old enemies and new… and most of all each other! This installment in the HOLE story includes the back-up feature Killing Time, a must-have collectable from author Kevin Pettway’s college days. It’s mandatory reading for Pettway fans!

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hole-4-white-smoke-mountain4 – HOLE: White Smoke Mountain

This is the final book of the Heroes of Lesser Earth comic. It covers the entirety of their last dungeon adventure in the White Smoke Mountain, as well as the ultimate confrontation with the major campaign villain, Erias! Also, there is a special, print-only short story featuring fan-favorite bad guy, Swillsberne Rocshlassen!

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