This is my game room. Obviously, my wife loves me more than is healthy for either of us.

The Tiny Town of Covidon

Some people have reacted positively to being shut in the homes for months at a time, cleaning, painting, doing yard work, working out, and otherwise improving themselves. Others have taken…

Totally an apple bush.

Interview AF

I was recently asked for an interview, not by a book outlet or as part of some marketing effort, but by the son of my dentist’s boyfriend. He was supposed…

Stunt-beta-reader. It's too expensive to get the real ones in for photo shoots.

Getting Your Book Edited, and Other Horror Stories

I just finished the first round of edits on Big Damn Magic, which is book three of the Misplaced Mercenaries series. The way this works is that I write the…

Ever wake up with that not-so-fresh, just slept in a cage feeling?

The Scream

“So what do you want to do?” Lena asks me this, and I ask her, at least once a day on the weekend, and maybe a couple of times during…

It's the best cup ever. I never want to see another cup.
If you try and take my cup we will fight. Also, it does not go in the dishwasher.
It must only ever be cleaned by the soapy breasts of glorious angels.
You can put the angels in the dishwasher though.

Just… Breathe

For years Lena has made fun of me for being obsessive. It was nonsense, obviously—no matter how many miniatures you have it is easier to pick the one you want…

Milk Test!

Connecting With Online Faces

Yesterday a friend of ours was taking her daughter to the eye doctor (we live close to a hospital so there are a lot of doctors in our area) and…

This game is called Nuclear Dungeon Farmer, and you win by sneaking into the dragon's chamber in the middle of the board, poisoning him with mutant mushrooms, and then finding that one damn river tile that the Instacart driver needs to find your house.

Staying Home and Saving the World

Like everyone else in the known world, my wife Lena and I have been relegated to our home in our battle against the Chinese Coronavirus. (On a related note, the…


Rise of the Resistance: A Hero’s Journey

The first thing you must know is that in order to ride Rise, you must be inside Disney’s Hollywood Studios prior to park opening. This is non-negotiable, and you won’t be able…


Story Mode

I am an old videogamer. I owned and played the hell out of the first Pong home console, a single box with a dial on either side for your controllers, which…

Unknown to many, George Vanderbilt was a HUGE fane of lime-green lanyards.

The Biltmore Palace

After coming down out of the Tennessee mountains, Lena and I stopped off at the Biltmore Estate and visited the palace and grounds. Huge and grand and opulent beyond reason,…