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The Thirteen Kingdoms of the Misplaced Mercenaries universe create what a standard fantasy world might look like if you pantsed it, set it on fire, and kicked it into a pigpen full of switchblade-armed rattlesnakes.

Mercenaries, sorcerers, and royals butt heads and stab backs in their pursuit of empire and control, or just a simple tankard of ale in a quiet tavern.

Full of snark, fun, and laughs, this book series will keep you entertained and leave you happier for having read it.


Years ago, a fiery-tempered runecrafter painted an imp named Ild onto a playing card to tell the future for her and be her companion. But the future-telling thing never really worked out, and after some smoldering resentments on both sides led to unkind words, Ild found himself discarded in a desk drawer, while his creator went and got herself murdered.

Now, enraged over her abandonment of him, Ild the imp is out for revenge.

With the aid of Atli, a battle-scarred veteran troll, Ild is mystically collecting heroes from across the universes to find the one capable of recovering his creator from the Undergates, so that he can kill her properly and send her back there himself.

Or people who consider themselves heroes, anyway. No magic spell is perfect.

The “heroes” converge on the Jolly Chicken tavern to tell their stories. Those judged worthy will be sent to hell, while the unworthy will be killed.

Unless someone can change the rules of the Last Night at the Jolly Chicken.

A hilarious collection of short stories introducing the six new series of the Misplaced Adventures, a funny and irreverent shared fantasy universe based on the world of the Misplaced Mercenaries books. It all starts here!

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Kevin Pettway is a long-time fan of good fantasy as well as a smartass. He has brought together these two burning passions to create the Misplaced Mercenaries series and the Misplaced Adventures series. Kevin lives in Florida with his wife of many years and two ridonkulously cuddly dogs, where too much of his time is spent wondering if he will someday be introduced to the world as “Florida Man.” You can find Kevin on FaceBook, Instagram. Fair warning, he is a smartass there, too.