Omigod! I’ve never read one of your books but you’re the Best Writer Evar! Where should I start?

Well …to begin with, thanks for that. It’s always nice to hear that kind of enthusiasm from a person who is definitely not me. If you’re looking for the cheapest jump-on point, download the free short story, Drinking with Death, which leads into A Good Running Away, book one of the Misplaced Mercenaries (You can skip the short if you want, but it is a fun intro.)

There is also the short story anthology, Last Night at the Jolly Chicken, which introduces the main characters for six brand-new series all set in the world established in the Mercenaries books, written by myself and five other amazingly talented authors. Collectively all of these series rest beneath the Misplaced Adventures umbrella. As above, the shorts are not necessary to read first, and you’ll be perfectly fine jumping right in with any of the six book ones. You don’t need to have read any of the other series to read any of these, though the more you do pick up the more context you’ll always have.

What? How many books are there?

Misplaced Mercenaries, the original series, is complete at five books long. Misplaced Adventures is currently slated for another 20+ more. While each of these new series is set in the same fantasy world and contains humor, action, and heart like the originals, they are also all very different. Some are Young Adult, some lean horror, some mystery, some have huge stakes and some are more intimate. If you dig fantasy and humor, there’s something in here for you. And if you’re a real book hound, there will certainly be enough to keep you occupied for quite some time.

I like electricians’ technical manuals. Do you have anything for me?

Eh …no.

I met you at a convention and you were awesome. I’d buy a book from you any day based on the strength of that one encounter.

Thank you again, person who is most definitely not me. Meeting people at cons is truthfully one of my two most favorite things about this job. (That and reading my editor’s notes, for much the same reason.) See, when you write a book, you really are pouring yourself out on that page. And when you are at a convention, people want to talk to you about your books. That means every con is, for me, two to three hundred conversations about me, which is any writer’s favorite subject. (I also really enjoy that many opportunities to make new friends, especially when they stop by in subsequent years to say hi. That’s super-fun.)

I want Kevin to come to my convention. Will he? Will he please? PULEEEZE?

Absolutely. Probably. I will almost certainly maybe come. (Certainly=paid travel and lodging, maybe=a long car ride and free Taco Bell. Bonus points if you’ll dog sit for him.)

Okay, what conventions does Kevin regularly attend?

Kevin lives in Jacksonville Florida and has two “home” cons that he attends every year. These are Ancient City Con in Saint Augustine and Bold City Con here in Jax. His dogs stay home.

You’re so cute! Are you married?

Well, not-me, as it happens I am married! Over three decades ago now I was sneaky enough to trick Lena into walking the aisle with me and she still hasn’t come to her senses. By the way, if you like the website and want one too, give her a ring. She’s the awesomest at websiting.

I hear you play D&D, Are all your books based on D&D games? If I tell you all about my character will you write a book about me? What if I play an Asmodeus tiefling Pact of the Blade Warlock/Paladin? PULEEEZE?

Ah, no. Running games is a good way to gain confidence with narratives, but the skill sets aren’t really the same. Books need to be their own things, and when they aren’t, they’re not as good. However, I will happily listen to you talk about your own D&D characters for the extremely affordable rate of $500 an hour. Warlocks cost double.

I don’t like fantasy. I just thought I’d stop by and tell you that.

Oh, uh, cool. Check back later for my upcoming series of electricians’ technical manuals.