You won't get left hanging. The Misplaced Mercenaries Series is complete!

“A puckish, free-wheeling take on the sword-and-sorcery genre.” — KIRKUS REVIEWS

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And check out our shiny new Misplaced Adventures novels.

Six original series by five elegant new authors (and one crusty old one) writing entirely unique books in the Mercenaries’ world you love!

Get started with Last Night at the Jolly Chicken, the anthology that introduces all the new characters in their own short stories!

Get your FREE copy of A Drink with Death

Extorting a township is thirsty work when things go sideways.

When mercenaries Keane and Sarah wander off the job and into an abandoned bar, the setting was perfect for a night of free drinks. But the thing that emptied the bar still sat in the corner, and it was not friendly.


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Stoned Gunman Fails to Kill Anyone

May 24, 2012

REUTERS:MAY24,2012: Thomas Hashburn, of Whoopsie, Maine, was arrested in a sting operation by the local police, in an effort to round up area marijuana dealers. According to arresting officer Nadine…

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Man Seeks Compensation For Stupid Career Choice

May 23, 2012

REUTERS:MAY23,2012: Jimbleton Thornswipe of New Jersey, Texas, has announced his intention to press legal suit against his parents, the New Jersey City Education System, Texas A&M, Penny Furholtz, and the…

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New Heroes: First Edits

March 18, 2012

Here is an update for those interested in the progress of the new book, New Heroes. The initial writing is finished, and the book is out on its first round…

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Children Shouldn’t Play With Any Things

March 6, 2012

This short story, taken from the Lesser Earth universe, introduces several new characters unique to the upcoming book, New Heroes: A Novel of Lesser Earth. I wrote it as sort of…

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