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Daily Life

The Biltmore Palace

After coming down out of the Tennessee mountains, Lena and I stopped off at the Biltmore Estate and visited the palace and grounds. Huge and grand and opulent beyond reason, the home is created entirely to impress visitors with the wealth of its owners, which it does well. This creates an interesting tension with the…

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Congratulations on Your The Diabetus!

In the middle of last August I was positively diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.I had been losing weight without explanation, and developed a permanent, burning thirst. After a couple weeks of constantly drinking water like a dying man in the desert, I went to the doctor. My blood sugar was 267, (100 is the normal…

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Daily Life: IKEA Noob

Last week saw the arrival of a bit of a crisis in our household. Several unrelated and individually easy to deal with issues collided to create a spectacular stress-bomb that blew up all over my and Lena’s home. Something had to be done. I snuck away and grabbed the phone. This was no job for…

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Daily Life: Irritating Champion

I am not a serious person. I crack jokes, I laugh a lot, and I tend to think most anything has a funny side. Personally I think this was a nurture rather than a nature phenomenon. My dad was a very serious (and slightly unstable) person who insisted that everyone around him treat him with just as…

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Lena and I just got back from our vacation this summer. Okay — I am still getting used to saying things like that. This whole “vacation” thing is still pretty new to me. My whole life the word vacation meant taking off a Friday and a Monday because you were throwing a big party and…

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Version 4.5

Next month will be my forty fifth birthday. Lena says that my maturity topped out at age twelve — a number she arrived at because that is the last age (she estimates) that normal people stop thinking that peanut butter, jelly, and potato chip sandwiches are haute cuisine. Personally, I feel pretty much the same as…

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Being Rude

Close to my house is a Publix grocery store. It is the smallest store that they build, and it replaced an abandoned hospital that was way too creepy to live near for those of us who play Resident Evil. The parking lot is very small, and space is at a premium. There are a variety of other…

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Kaylee the Flying Dog

I recently put a new fence in my back yard. I had to. We have a new dog named Kaylee Fry Pettway, who is what is sometimes called a “determined jumper.” She’s not that big, our Kaylee, yet she is more than tall enough to clear the six-and-a-half foot chain-link fence at the dog park.…

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