The Official Site of Kevin Pettway, Author


Q: Where is the best place to get your books?

A: The very best place to get the books is right here. There are plans to make them available on Amazon and other sites, and we will update here as we do.

Q: When are the Wars of Brighthaven books coming out?

A: There is no publisher yet for Wars, though if we found one that would accelerate things a bit. However, if no publisher is found before the series is finished being written, (likely late 2015) then everything will be released as print and e-books on Amazon and the other usual places to get such things — as well, of course, as here on this website.

Q: I loved the webcomic, and heard that the Wars series takes place in the same world. Is it going to be as zany as the comic was?

A: A webcomic has a certain beat, or rhythm, to it, that would become very tiring to try and read in a novel. Mostly for that very reason, the books cannot really imitate the comic. That is not to say that Wars will not contain humor… if you’ve ever met Kevin you know his head would likely asplode if someone told him he wasn’t allowed to laugh, and that is the way he writes. But the humor is more dialog and situation-driven, rather than prat-falls and funny pictures.

Q: Will Bunker and the gang be the main characters?

A: No. Their tale is told. However, readers of the comics will find a few Easter Eggs buried in the new series, and there may be a cameo or two.

Q: Will you appear at my gaming/fantasy/writers/Bigfoot convention and talk about webcomics/writing/publishing/oversized shoes?

A: As many writers are, Kevin is whore for publicity. He will gladly discuss attending any convention, and if it’s local to Jacksonville, Florida, will even arrange his own transportation. Sadly, Kevin has little knowledge of either Bigfoot or his shoes.

Q: How can I contact you?

A: The contact page of Kevin’s website, (linked right here) is a fine way to contact him. Also, he frequently haunts Facebook under his own name.

Q: I read you are a gamer. Will you play with me?

A: Kevin is a gamer, but his table is usually pretty full. Still, if you meet him at a con, why not ask?

Q: The characters in his books believe in all sorts of gods, to all kinds of degrees. What do you believe?

A: Kevin is an atheist, but not one of those kinds that goes on about it and tries to make other people feel stupid about their choices. Those guys are kinda lame.

Q: How do you feel about piracy and stealing books? All the cool kids are doing it, why shouldn’t I?

A: The only difference between stealing an author’s book online and swiping it from the Barnes and Noble’s, is that you are much more likely to get away with it online. Now getting away with it doesn’t make it any more moral; if you steal, you’re a thief. Not a “sorta thief,” but a real thief, who steals things from people. People who try to make a living selling those things. This is what we in the writing biz refer to as Not Cool.

Kevin does his best to keep his prices as low as possible, and has plans to engage in any e-book “borrowing” schemes that come up, in an effort to keep anyone from feeling the need to steal from him.

Stealing makes Hulk cry.

Q: Well that question was kind of a bummer. Will you come drink a beer/smoke a joint with me while I mellow for a while?

A: The last time Kevin tried to smoke pot, he hit the bong twice and then just sat watching everyone else in the room talk. It wasn’t pleasant. There was drool.

Beer is a different story. Most days Kevin drinks Miller Light, (every beer is perfect… if that’s the beer you’re looking for) but he really digs the local brewpub scene. If you want to try some really great stuff, Intuition Ale Works and Bold City Brewery are two excellent local breweries within staggering distance of Kevin’s home.

Q: Will you read my manuscript and tell me if it’s any good?

A: No! (Smile.) Reading other writers’ works like this is kinda bad news. It opens you up to potential legal hassle if you happen to produce a similar work sometime down the road, and it’s time-intensive. If you are a writer, you already know that people in this profession guard their time more jealously than any other resource. Seriously. They are positively weird about it.

Q: Fantasy is okay, but my favorite is Star Wars. Would you ever write a shared-universe book? 

A: There is some very fine work being done in shared-universe literature today. While there are no immediate plans for anything along those lines, it would be a great gig.

Q: lurve your website! Can I have one?

A: Sure. Lena Shore is the site designer. She’s great to work with, and really knows her stuff. (And she is slightly married to Kevin.)

Thanks for reading!