About the Series

The Thirteen Kingdoms of the Misplaced Mercenaries universe create what a standard fantasy world might look like if you pantsed it, set it on fire, and kicked it into a pigpen full of switchblade-armed rattlesnakes.

Mercenaries, sorcerers, and royals butt heads and stab backs in their pursuit of empire and control, or just a simple tankard of ale in a quiet tavern.

Full of snark, fun, and laughs, this book series will keep you entertained and leave you happier for having read it.

A Drink with Death

By Kevin Pettway

Series: Misplaced Mercenaries
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Mercenaries Keane and Sarah have just finished a long day of burning, looting, and pillaging, and are looking for a nice place to rest. But that well-deserved drink may cost more than it is worth in a tavern with only one patron left alive.

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Author Biography

Kevin Pettway is a long-time fan of good fantasy as well as a smartass. He has brought together these two burning passions to create the Misplaced Mercenaries series and the Misplaced Adventures series. Kevin lives in Florida with his wife of many years and two ridonkulously cuddly dogs, where too much of his time is spent wondering if he will someday be introduced to the world as “Florida Man.” You can find Kevin on FaceBook, Instagram. Fair warning, he is a smartass there, too.